Monday, September 6, 2010


Recently, I read those words spoken by God to Moses in Exodus 3:14, ". . . I AM THAT I AM . . ."

God is telling us that is who he is. I am Jean Ann Williams. You are who you are. God is the I AM. He is our Creator.

Knowing God is our supreme I AM has brought me great comfort. For I wonder, how can a mere person such as myself manage on my own? I can't. For six and a half years I've struggled daily as a suicide survivor. My small world isn't much compared to God's; Creator of the ground I walk upon.

Is this world harsh? Sure. Is this life wrought with pain and misery? Sometimes it feels never ending, but God sends us a reprieve to give us rest. In the meanwhile, the I AM is the first being we should call out to while in great tribulation, especially for parents who lose children. Because when our children die there may be some measure of guilt. No matter that we have spent years or days caring for our babies, only to have them leave this world. That's the least amount of guilt.

What if you've neglected your child in one way or another and then they die? That's more guilt than any parent can shoulder alone. That's horrific loss. Go to God in heartfelt pleading and he will hear you. Pick up his word, the Bible, and seek his answers for your life. There you will find forgiveness and comfort.

Even though I made Joshua my job for his 25 years on this earth, I made many mistakes. I still struggle with some guilt. That's when a sadness overwhelms me. Where do I go? To the Lord, and then he sends people to me, and it brings me back to my tasks on earth.

Read Exodus 3: 13-15, and see in detail what I AM THAT I AM said when Moses asked, ". . . what shall I say to them?"

Until next time . . .