Monday, May 14, 2012


The questions parade in circles 'round  my head
No peace, no rest, only surmounting dread
When images of his last days crowd my thoughts
Why could not I have helped him, why not spared the cost.

For months I have questioned the God that I love
"You could have stopped him, Your hand stayed from above
A prompting from You would have ushered me to his side
I could have begged him, perfect words halt the tide
Of pain he was feeling and anguish of soul
Now it’s too late, his body no longer whole."

Many regrets and sorrows over what could have been,
Must I lay this to rest and only pretend?

Job, too, had his questions laid at Your feet
You answered from the whirlwind his questions defeat
His friends assumptions of why God allowed
The death of Job’s children the suffering avowed.

Instead the questioning now came from You,
Was Job there from creation when You made it all new?

Are you God and able to understand His plan
Or how He has held you through all in His hands?

So cease from your striving, set it to rest
Be still I am God, stop putting me to the test.

Mrs. G
Permission granted to use this poem as long as it's used in its entirety

A brokenhearted mother wrote this poem as she journeys through her loss of a son to suicide. Like all parents who lose children this way, the questions pound. And slam. And torture. 

There seems no mercy left, because of our intense anguish. 

As Mrs. G concludes we must know that God is God and we are not, and that He does love us.

Until next time . . . choose to remember God's love runs deep and see the blessings along the way. 


Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Bittersweet Mother's Day After My Son's Suicide

“I’m having a Mother’s Day Tea,” my friend Becky said on the other end of the phone line, “and am inviting some of our writer friends and a few of the ladies from church.”

My heart dipped.

Six weeks into grieving my son’s suicide, I didn’t know how I could possibly get through an afternoon without crying. Each afternoon played out the same, and escalated into evenings of tears, tears, and more tears. I did not intend to upset my friends and ruin a tea party, so I said, “That’s so kind of you, Becky, but I’m afraid I can’t go. I’m too weepy and that will bother everyone.”

To read the entire story, go to OpentoHope. Then, click on "Articles" that is halfway down the page, and you'll see my article.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who have lost children and to those who have not. God bless you for the love you've poured out onto your children.

Until next time . . . remember.

[photo is of my son Joshua at age nine]