Monday, October 24, 2011

The Year Of Firsts Devotional

I thought I'd wait to start my story about our loss of Joshua, but God had other plans.

A dear friend of mine gave me a suggestion, as I thought and wrestled with how to write my book. She said, "Why don't you write a devotional about your loss of Joshua? That way, you can do it a bit at a time."

Well, I thought, why not?

I loved her idea, and I had not even considered it. The thought of writing one daily devotional a day made it seem doable. I knew sometimes I'd be sobbing through the writing process, and so this way I could meet the 150 words a day easily enough.

Now, I am at day four of the devotional and am glad to have begun. I've included a prayer at the end and will later add the scriptures for each beginning.

So dear friend, Pat, thank you for giving me an idea that I could manage. God bless you!

Until next time . . . listen, because God can and does speak through others.

Photo: Joshua on the right (age 16) and his daddy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comforting Someone Who Has Lost A Loved One To Suicide

Unfortunately, I comforted my sister today, who lost her husband yesterday to suicide. I say unfortunately because of her loss. I do want to be instant in season and out of season for those who are left behind after such horrific losses.

I made a point to listen to my sister. It didn't matter that at times I couldn't understand her when the sobs grew louder than her words. It did matter that she knew I understood.

I shared a few details about the morning we lost Joshua. She wanted to know more, and she asked many questions.

We prayed together, and our conversation ended with her feeling not as alone. She even said she'd call me first if she felt too overwhelmed.

I did one more important step, though. I gave my sister the name of a grief counselor in her area. How did I find that? On The Compassionate Friends Website.

Thank you, Lord, for helping us!

Let me back up and say that before I spoke to my sister, I asked many Prayer Warriors to pray for her. They did, and will continue to do so. They got me through my loss, they'll be diligent and get my sister through hers.

God bless you dear ones who are praying for our family during this sad time.

God is Love!

Until next time . . . be ready to pray.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

After My Loss: How I learned To Sleep Again

When I lost my son, Joshua,  to suicide, taking care of my body was the last thing on my mind. The stress lowered my immune system in the worst way. Lack of sleep hit me hard. I could have taken pills for that, but I knew it's not nice on the body because of side effects.

At the onset of our son's death, I wished someone would have told me about Ionic Magnesium by Trace Minerals. When I thought I would lose my mind from so little sleep, I asked the nice lady at the health food store for help. I explained I hadn't slept more than three hours a night for six months.

She held up a finger, and said, "I've got just the thing."

I'll be forever grateful to that sweet woman.

Another plus came when I took my second bone density test a year after the first one. It show I had regained some of my bone loss. So there's two good reasons for me to take Ionic Magnesium.

I still take my Ionic Magnesium, but now in lower doses. I combine it with Calcium before bed to help me relax and sleep.

Now that we live a long way from town, I order my Ionic Magnesium online, which is convenient.

Until next time . . . rest.