Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good News On Writing Joshua's Story

I received news that one of my stories was accepted for a book anthology. The story is about how Joshua's friends and I helped one another after Joshua died. I don't know much else, just that the piece is currently before the editing committee and it will be weeks before they send it back with suggested changes.

To say we are elated is a most true statement. Even Joshua's rottweiler, Heinrich, got in on our group hug (Josh always said that dog was a touchy, feely silly, nothing like his macho father, Harloe). My husband and I hugged and Heinrich jumped on us and nipped at my sleeve.

Our time of celebration.

I believe this will be a first of many stories about our son and our loss, and hopefully those stories will fill a book. Most of all, I pray my stories will help others.

That old saying that we writers must never give up, that we must persevere has proven true once again. This news has given me the push I needed to be encouraged and keep writing my stories. Whether they be nonfiction and fiction for children or about suicide.

Until next time . . .


  1. Renewal of Hope: Ministry
    Too Soon to Say Goodbye
    Jean, I too, lost a son from suicide. My book: Too Soon to Say Goodbye:Healing and Hope for Victims and Survivors of Suicide. Susan Osborn and Jeenie Gordon(Jeenie is a Christian therapist)co-authored the book with me.Each of us were profoundly touched by suicide.
    In the first stages of writing the book I met 3 women who lost sons to suicide, who wanted to share their stories.I began the book sitting across kitchen tables, talking, crying, and praying with others who lost loved ones.
    Four years ago, I placed a story about my son on a website called "Life Challenges" suicide of a child. The story is still there with a promise for a link to the book. God has used this story and the book to reach others. My prayer for writing and speaking about suicide is to bring a deeper understanding to others about the illnessess behind suicide. To help others and save lives. My book with New Hope Publishers came out this month.
    My email address is
    A friend told me about your website. Keep writing and speaking out. God plan's for our lives is to touch others. My son, Robbie, died at 23 in 1984. The tears still come. But God's grace and comfort are wrapped around my heart,daily. My prayers are with you and your ministry. May God bless you.
    In Christ, Karen Kosman

  2. I have not lost a son to suicide, but I will pray for you and your ministry. Keep writing Jean Ann.

  3. Sue,

    Thank you so much for supporting my efforts. Feels wonderful to know someone sees what I am trying to accomplish.

    Prayer is most essential!