Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Attitude-inize by Jan Coates

Attitude-inize: 10 Secrets To A Positive You by Jan Coates is a practical, easy to read book backed by scriptures about how to change our attitudes. Jan explains how she overcame obstacles in her life, and she teaches the reader how they can do the same. Jan made me feel I'm not alone with my personal struggles.

At the end of each chapter, Jan offers questions for the reader to consider and a place for them to write out their thoughts. That allowed me to delve deeper and be honest about the concerns and issues I face each day.

Jan Coates is a speaker and if you wish to contact her you may E-mail her at Jan@JanCoates.com. You may also visit her Web.

I want to add that after losing our son to suicide, I needed this book at this perfect time. When one loses a child in such a horrendous way, our attitudes may become negative as mine did. Thank you, Jan, for the labor of love in each page you wrote of Attitude-inize.

God bless you.

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