Saturday, March 5, 2016

From Darkness to His Light ~A Poem by Geannie Powell

photo by James D. Williams

From Darkness to His Light.
By Geannie Powell

I’m sitting here feeling sad and blue,
Unsure of what next to do.
Intellectually I know,
God is in control. 

He will bring me safely thru.

It’s these pesky emotions that get in the way.
They keep me from having a bright, cheery day.
They take me down so low,
Up is the only way to go.

But it’s so dark, I cannot find my way.

The Lord is my light,
From this valley of blight.
His truth I will follow,
In despair I’ll not wallow.

He will set my path aright.

When I’m filled with strife,
As oft happens in life.
I search to find the right way,
I recall what the scriptures say…

I am the truth, the way, and the life.

Life would be so much better if all,
On His righteous hope would call.
He is there for you, too,
Jesus will see you safely thru.

As He does for me, when on His name I call.