Monday, January 17, 2011

Who Needs Jesus When We Have TV?

After Joshua died, my husband and I didn't turn on the TV for two weeks.

I remember the first time we did sit down to watch a program. I told my husband I couldn't watch stuff that had nothing to do with my life without Joshua. He turned it off.

In time we thought we needed to rest our minds because of our loss, and we watched TV. Feeling odd about it, I viewed selected programs with my husband. Still, that didn't seem right. I prayed about my struggle, and I stopped watching Television altogether.

I studied my Bible with my concordance when I would have normally watched TV. I found more time for Jesus, and the oppression TV had on me disappeared. I needed more of God, and TV had served to distract. For me, Television had been an idol. I didn't want anything to replace even a moment of Jesus in my life, especially when I needed His strength to rise out of bed each morning.

We watched movies on our screen, though, and we got a few classics like Lucille Ball and Shirley Temple. They made me laugh and smile. It was more wholesome entertainment, not like TV sitcoms and the commercials.

When my husband and I moved to Oregon, we banned the TV. The quiet our home now experiences is amazing. Sometimes in the winter, we view wholesome biblical movies, and we watch documentaries on the men who suffered and died for translating the word of God to English.

If you're thinking of banning your Television, you'll be amazed at the calming transformation to your spirit.

Worried about getting the news? Use your Internet for that.

Let me know if you stopped watching your TV to allow more time for Spiritual matters, and tell us how that has affected your lives.

Until next time . . . share Jesus with others.

Author Note: The photo above is of Joshua playing Twister with his friends. Joshua wore the peach-colored western shirt I made for him.


  1. Thank you Jim and Jean for your strength and encouragement!
    FYI- our TV goes off after the Superbowl and we will be doing more reading and Bible study.
    All the best,
    Bill and Lisa

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Bill and Lisa.

    Good for you!!!

    God bless you both,