Saturday, January 14, 2012

Introducing Prayerful Pondering

My dear friend, Pat Rowland, has a blog she recently started called Prayerful Pondering. I want to tell the world about her blog, and so the reason for my post.

Why, you may ask? What does this have to do with loss of a child? A lot.

Pat writes about the Gift. The one that Jesus left for us when He went up into heaven. The Gift is One that keeps giving each day, each hour, each minute of our lives. No matter the situation that we are struggling with, loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, the Gift is here to help.

To quote Pat from her blog post titled, The Spirit of Truth: He gave us a gift no one else could give, a gift that meant eternal salvation and not eternal damnation.

Please take the time to drop by Pat Rowland's Prayerful Pondering, and read the January 12th post. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and be sure to check out her other postings. She will bless your heart.

Until next time . . . pray and seek.

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