Friday, January 20, 2012

Tear Soup: A Recipe For Healing After Loss

I own a copy of Tear Soup: A Recipe For Healing After Loss by Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen.

I can't say enough good about this picture book for all ages.

This is a perfect first book to read after loss of a loved one. There are so many great books out there on loss and my shelves are filling up with them, but this book is genius in its simplicity and honesty.

I adore the illustrations, where each page is warm and inviting, a balm for those who need a rest.

About Tear Soup. Grandy, a wise older woman, is having to walk the way of loss. She decides to make tear soup, which helps her on the path she must travel.

Here is one of my favorite quotes in the book and so true: "All Grandy really needed from them [her friends] at that moment was a knowing look and a warm hug."

Tear Soup is not just for those who've suffered loss and need guidance, but for those friends and family members close to the sufferer and want to help.

If you can get this book from the library, please do. If you can afford to buy it, you won't be disappointed. You can order it at Amazon, where Tear Soup has 262 five starred reviews. Wow!

Thank you, Pat and Chuck, for writing Tear Soup to fill a need for those of us who have walked the Valley of the Shadow. And thank you, Taylor Bills, for your cozy illustrations.

God bless you!

Until next time . . . take the time to listen to someone who's hurting.


  1. Jean, Tear Soup sounds like a book that will bless those who experience loss. Thanks so much for sharing it with your readers!

  2. Jean,
    I wish we would have had this book for our three children when they were younger and family members had passed away. Now we have grandchildren who have experienced the loss of a very loved grandma (my mother-in-law; in 2006)as well as a couple family members on our daughter-in-law's side.
    This will be a book I will be buying not only for our son and his family but also for our bookshelf.
    Thank you for recommending such a book!
    God bless

  3. I know what you mean, Marsha. I did read this to my older grand-daughters. One of them said, "Nana, Grandy in this book looks like you."

    Thank you for dropping by. Let me know what you think of Tear Soup!

  4. Hey Jean Ann,
    Sounds like a great one. On the adult-loss-read list, I'd put Carla Fine's No Time to Say Goodbye, which was a huge help for my family members when - five years ago - our family lost three folks in one year.

  5. Charlie, actually, Tear Soup is for all ages. For adults a bite-sized rest if they are unable to take in much in the way of processing.

    I know I've read Carla's book, also. Helpful grieving books are wonderful, they help us manage our lives through the grieving. It can be quite a difficult balance.