Friday, March 16, 2012

Eight Years Ago Today

Dear Readers,

It's been eight years ago since my son, Joshua, took his own life.

I am determined to remember Joshua with a smile.

That idea came from my sweet and dear friend, Susie Neal, when she sent me a card today, encouraging me to remember my baby boy with a smile.

Thank you Susie!

And thank you to all my friends and family members who have helped me along this journey of loss. I could not have gotten this far so well without you.

Most of all I am grateful to our Lord and Savior for the Love He shows to me daily.

God bless you, beautiful people,

Until next time . . . I'll pass along your gift of encouragement.

[photo of Joshua, age two, doing his favorite thing: eating]


  1. Hi Jean Ann,
    I noticed the date and wanted you to know I'm praying for you today. Praise God for the smiles on this page. I'm praying they are a comfort to you.

  2. Jean Ann,
    I can't believe it's been eight years. Time goes by so quickly now that I'm older, but eight years? I am still saddened by the loss that you all felt that day, and the days, weeks, and months afterward, but now, I can feel the joy when you write, and I know that by God's grace and mercy you've gotten past that immense sorrow. And now, through God's grace, you're helping others. What a testimony to the love of our Lord and Savior. God bless you, Jean Ann!

  3. I love that little picture! Very nice post, Jean Ann. Like Nan said, I can hear the joy in the beauty and simplicity of your words. God is so good.

  4. Sue, Nan, and Peg, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love having guests!

    Each one of your words are like a salve to my heart.

    I love you all!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this Jean Ann. I admire your courage to "remember Josh with a smile". You are such an amazing mama with so much depth and wisdom to offer. I appreciate the perspective that this post brought to my day of diapers, time- outs, runny noses, and sticky hugs. Hugs to you and Jim.

  6. Thank you for commenting, Christine. I'm glad it gave you the perspective that it did. Our children and grown and have left the nest before we can blink. It seems so, anyway.

    God bless you with your children!

  7. Thank you so much Jean for sharing. It is amazing stories such as these that people need to hear. I am so glad that you know and understand the root of your peace through His love. I would love to know more about your story if you wouldn't mind telling it. I maintain two blogs that work to highlight authors who write for God's glory but on my site I have a daily inspiration section and would love for you to guest post there.

  8. Crystal,

    So pleased that you dropped by! I love to meet knew people, so thank you.

    I would be honored to be a guest on Inspired Shelves. Let's decide on what you're interested in and when.

    Blessings in Him,

  9. Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful photo Jean. What a sweet, sweet boy. I said a little prayer for you and your heart because I know how heavy that must have been for you.
    Thank you for being so courageous and keeping your son's memory alive.

  10. Janiera,

    Thank you for stopping by! Yes, Joshua was a very sweet boy. Taking antidepressants when he turned nineteen, changed that sweet boy into someone I no longer knew. God knows all, though, and that's where I place my trust.

    Blessings are always in our Lord.

  11. My brother took his own life 14yrs ago tomorrow. I can say, Yes, God is near to those whose hearts are breaking. God was my strength then as He still is today.
    God took this tragic event and turned it into something good. My mother, an atheist, turned to God for her salvation through my brother's death. She died 3months later at age 85.
    What the devil meant for evil, God turned to good. (Genesis 50:20)
    As with you, my hope and trust is in the Lord.
    May God continue to use you to bring hope to a world that has lost hope.

  12. BobbyJ, thank you for leaving a comment of such encouragement for my readers. I LOVE to hear such wonderful life saving news as what happened to your mother. Thank you, Lord God!!!

    I've said this very thing. "What the Devil meant for evil, God turned to good." God always can if we but let it.

    Blessings to you, Bobby.

  13. I am so sad for all the pain you have gone through these past 8 years but I find great hope knowing that 'underneath are the everlasting arms'. Thank you for being a friend.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Joshua. Take care.

  15. The bloggers at wordsmithsix(dot)wordpress would like to award you with The Versatile Blogger award! The rules: Thank the award-giver by linking back to them in a post. Share 7 things about yourself or your blog. Pass this award along to other bloggers. Congrats and thanks for writing such a heartfelt blog.

  16. amourningmom, thank you so much for your prayers. I surely need them. Even though it's been eight years, it still feels like yesterday.

    God bless you!

  17. Natalie, thank you so much for the announcement of the award. I'm pleased and am so glad that this little ol' blog has made an impact. Could not have done it without our Lord and Savoir.

    I'll do the steps in the rules.

  18. Hi Jean, I found you on rubyforwomen and decided to visit your blog. Reading this almost tore my heart, my first boy who we named Joshua just turned 10, I can't imagine the pain you feel, but I rest knowing that God has a hold of you and your family. He will take you through it all.
    I will say a prayer for you Jean, stand strong.

  19. Ugochi thank you so much for stopping by. I feel blessed that you will pray for me. I sure need it.

    God bless you, new follower!

  20. hi jean ann, my name is atheana my aunt deanna is ur cousin, she has told me so much about u and what u have gone threw.. i tried to find a way to email u but havent been very succesful for some reason.. any way aunt deanna told me that u were aware of what i have gone threw aswell, me 6yr old little boy elisha was killed aug 19, 2011 because his dad was driving very fast and under the influence of drugs, it was a death that could have been prevented so easly, it makes me so mad to have my baby taken away because of someones careless actions.. grr... i would love to write u and pick ur brain alittle on how u have made it threw all these yrs.. my email in thank u for ur time and u are in my prayers aswell..