Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn, So Like Our Time With Joshua

Autumn is in a rush to leave. Farmers Almanac says we'll have a rain storm the first week in November where we live in Oregon. I thought about that a lot over the last few weeks while I ran frantic to bring in my garden's harvest, pull down the dead plants, and then rototill the soil for a cover crop of fava beans.

So like our short time with Joshua. We raised him. He never left home, really, he tried, but still spent most of his nights and days at our house. Then suddenly, Joshua left us, slamming the door behind him.

Like Autumn is in a rush to move over for winter, Joshua was in a rush to be in the spirit world. Like now, how I am trying to enjoy fall between all the work, I tried to enjoy Joshua during those last years. I didn't know they were our last, and enjoying him was a task. The medications changed him.

My daughter, Jami, and I spoke of that a few days ago. How Joshua shut his feelings off from all of us. Most of the time, he became a hateful and mean person (sorry, but it's true and that was the medications, not our son).

No, the son and brother we remember was happy, easy to burst out in laughter, serious about a project or task he was doing. He always put out his best efforts, because he was a type A personality. At the onset of puberty, he would dress and have his hair dampened and combed before he came into the kitchen to see what I had planned for breakfast. That was the Josh God made.

I won't be so long to post next time. As I said, I was hurrying to get my produce in and I'm almost done with tearing down the garden. We've got a few no rain days coming up, so I'll be able to accomplish all that before we settle in for the winter.

Until next time . . . keep praying for those you know are hurting beyond despair. God bless you!

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