Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life's Pathway

Life's Pathway by Fern Ackerman

There is no easy path to take,
When traveling down life's road.
We try to choose the right one,
To have the easy load.

But trouble over takes us,
As we trod along the way.
Heartaches, trials, and crosses,
Seem to come and somehow stay.

However dark the night may seem,
However deep the pain.
Pour out your heart to Him in Prayer,
He will help you to sustain.

I love this poem by Fern Ackerman, because it speaks of how people think and how much God loves us.

Have you ever considered the words, "Help me, Lord," are more powerful than any flowery prose we can say? Sometimes, I am so distraught, all I can say is, "Help!"

Last week Satan attacked me with a punch that dropped me to the ground. I cried. I prayed with many words. I ranted. But I got nowhere until I said out loud to God, "Help me, please!"

He came running, and a warmth of love enveloped my entire being. I thought, "Oh, God, my God how great is thy name." Afterward, I read in his Word all my favorite scriptures.

I said in an earlier post November is a harsh month, because Joshua would have been 32. I must keep on my full spiritual armor and grieve God's way. That may mean sorrow that overwhelms to the point I'm on my knees to him. Over and over again.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Until next time . . . read the word and pray. God bless you dear readers.

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