Monday, October 24, 2011

The Year Of Firsts Devotional

I thought I'd wait to start my story about our loss of Joshua, but God had other plans.

A dear friend of mine gave me a suggestion, as I thought and wrestled with how to write my book. She said, "Why don't you write a devotional about your loss of Joshua? That way, you can do it a bit at a time."

Well, I thought, why not?

I loved her idea, and I had not even considered it. The thought of writing one daily devotional a day made it seem doable. I knew sometimes I'd be sobbing through the writing process, and so this way I could meet the 150 words a day easily enough.

Now, I am at day four of the devotional and am glad to have begun. I've included a prayer at the end and will later add the scriptures for each beginning.

So dear friend, Pat, thank you for giving me an idea that I could manage. God bless you!

Until next time . . . listen, because God can and does speak through others.

Photo: Joshua on the right (age 16) and his daddy.


  1. Your gift of devotionals through grieving will be comforting and healing to many. I am happy you are doing this.

  2. Your words touch my heart. You know I love you, Jean.

    This book will be a tremendous help to others who have sorrowed like you. I'm so glad it has begun.

  3. Thank you, Sue and Pat! I am grateful for God's guidance in my life. And for friends like you!

  4. Wonderful idea! You could help someone day by day walk through the grieving process. That would be such a comfort for someone who has been devastated by loss. Keep writing!