Saturday, October 15, 2011

After My Loss: How I learned To Sleep Again

When I lost my son, Joshua,  to suicide, taking care of my body was the last thing on my mind. The stress lowered my immune system in the worst way. Lack of sleep hit me hard. I could have taken pills for that, but I knew it's not nice on the body because of side effects.

At the onset of our son's death, I wished someone would have told me about Ionic Magnesium by Trace Minerals. When I thought I would lose my mind from so little sleep, I asked the nice lady at the health food store for help. I explained I hadn't slept more than three hours a night for six months.

She held up a finger, and said, "I've got just the thing."

I'll be forever grateful to that sweet woman.

Another plus came when I took my second bone density test a year after the first one. It show I had regained some of my bone loss. So there's two good reasons for me to take Ionic Magnesium.

I still take my Ionic Magnesium, but now in lower doses. I combine it with Calcium before bed to help me relax and sleep.

Now that we live a long way from town, I order my Ionic Magnesium online, which is convenient.

Until next time . . . rest.


  1. Hey Jean Ann,
    It's hard for me to imagine consecutive nights without sleep. Sleep is my friend - my very good friend. I'm pleased to hear that you discovered how to regain your sleep. I'd be hopelessly lost without regular snoozing.
    All the best,

  2. Yes, Charlie, I hear you. I am in the same camp as you. Need my sleep! I was pretty desperate after six months. That's for sure.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I have "3am insomnia" sometimes. Miserable! I look forward to sleep!

    Lisa :o)

  4. Ah, Lisa! So you're 3littlebirds!

    Many folks experience the 3 am insomnia! I did for years and after my son died it got only worse. No more!

    Thank you for stopping by!

    God bless you!