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"God's Mercies after Suicide" A Book Review

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Dear Readers,

"God's Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother's Heart" is available at CreateSpace and Amazon and the reviews are trickling in. I'll be posting each week one or two reviews over the month of November to celebrate the book's release.

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5 Stars: Devotionals to Guide You to Hope After Terrible Loss

I approached this book with interest, as I have known the author for many years, via an online writing group we are both in. Not having experienced suicide in my family, I read the entire book in one sitting--not at all how it was meant to be read. By the time I finished the book, I was deeply touched by Jean's experience, and moved by her insites. In thinking it over, I would definitely recommend reading this book as it was intended, one day at a time, and in writing out your own "Mother Memories", "Prayer of Praise" and "Scripture of Encouragement"

While this book relates specifically to a parents loss of a child by suicide, there was much I identified with in the complex grief I experienced in losing my husband. It is written simply and honestly. Jean shares her very real struggles, and doesn't hide the pain of her loss. 

However, in sharing her memories and struggles, she encourages the reader to find hope despite the darkness that stole their loved one.

This book will help those working through the grief of suicide by encouraging you to cherish your precious memories, be thankful for what you did have, and recording the scriptures that you find encouraging. Such exercises are not always easy, but they bring healing, as you realize that despite your loss, your child remains precious to you.

Dear Readers, on November 19th, the Kindle version is free, so would you pass the word? Thank you!

Until next time . . . read an encouraging book

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