Saturday, November 26, 2016

"God's Mercies after Suicide"~Book Reviews # Four & Five

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Dear Readers,

"God's Mercies after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother's Heart" is available at CreateSpace and Amazon and the reviews are trickling in. I'll be posting each week one or two reviews over the month of November to celebrate the book's release.
When you leave a comment with your email address, you'll be entered into the contest for a drawing to win the paperback version of "God's Mercies after Suicide".

5 Stars~Jean Ann Williams opened the top and shares with us all the terrible pain from the loss after a suicide
A heartbreaking, gut wrenching true life telling of a mothers struggle with grief and loss after her youngest dies. I cried. I sighed. I LONGED to comfort the mourning mother. 

Jean Ann Williams opened the top and shares with us all the terrible pain from the loss after a suicide. But with God, and the loving support of friends and family it IS possible to heal and come out on the other side.
This is one that is NOT for the faint of heart but certainly a book worth reading for ANYONE who has suffered with the pain of life after suicide. My life is 16 years after the death of a family member at their own hands. And while not a child, still a member with whom I had a special relationship. 

Ms Williams' book helped to open my eyes and mend my heart.

Thank you Jean Ann, and may God's blessing keep shining upon you. 
4 Stars~ Excellent Resource

Jean Ann Williams doesn't soft petal the heart wrenching aftermath of suicide. She allows you to walk with her day by day into a life she would rather not face and gives you the opportunity and direction to journal your experiences. Excellent resource.

Until next time . . . let us keep our hearts centered on Christ

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