Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday, July 17th~God's Merices after Suicide: Blessings Woven through a Mother's Heart~Gifts from Joshua's Clothes~Devotion

Johsua's Stone and our stone is above Johsua's

“As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.”
—Proverbs 27:19
“Oh, Susie, they are beautiful!”
My dear friend laid out the quilts she had made from Joshua’s clothes that I sent to her. My lap quilt was made of Joshua’s jeans and pants, so I had a pocket with a button on mine.  I chose pants for mine because I’d always had to cut and sew up Joshua’s new pants before he could wear them.
Susie made my husband’s from Joshua’s shirts, to represent that Joshua took after his dad in the broad shoulders and muscled forearms. Then, Susie presented two quilt pillows—one for Jami and one for Jason. Susie went the extra mile when she didn’t have to, for the pillows were a surprise for my children.
This woman is a true friend.
As she got up to leave, Susie said, “I’ll see you at the cemetery.”
I hugged her and thanked her. “I’m so glad you’ll be a part of the first-year anniversary of Joshua’s passing. His stone is so beautiful.”
Susie asked, “You’ll bury Joshua’s ashes in a few days?”
I nodded. “We’re having only a few family members come for that. No children, except for the two eldest granddaughters.”

After Susie left, I hurried to finish preparing Joshua’s favorite foods to bring for the reception after the graveside services.

Father, it is so true that to find a true friend is rare, but You have blessed me with several dear and loving friends, of which Susie is one. In Jesus’s holy name, I’m honored. Amen.

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