Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Live and Laugh With Jesus" Blogger Jiwan Dahli

Jiwan Dahli, Teen Writer After God's Own Heart

Today, I have as my guest, Jiwan Dhali, who is an older teen who writes for teens.

This young lady is a walking dynamite. A writer after God's own heart! I've been following her blog site Live and Laugh With Jesus for a year now. I'm so impressed with Jiwan's heart for Jesus that I introduced myself to her. We are now friends, who support each others writing projects. We cheer each other on, as good friends should.

Besides, I have a soft heart for young people, especially those who want to make a difference as Jiwan does.

Without further ado, here's an opportunity to read more on Jiwan's blog after her beginning post. Take it away, Jiwan!

When you're a Christian and you're waiting for Christ to do something in your life it can seem like those who are not so strict with their love lives … well they actually have a love life. So we clench our fists and say what about me God?! What about me, why does the secular world have a better love story than me?!

Well if this is you darling, I have some cool news for you. Read more

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