Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Psalm 145:21/Bless His Holy Name

                                      Spencer Goodwin & Joshua ages eighteen

Good morning, dear readers,

I hope today you are encouraged by these words of King David: My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever.

What came to mind for me is we can not WORRY like we often do, when we are speaking the praise of the Lord. Go ahead and try it. Be a worry wart and speak Lord God's name in all His beauty at the same time. Somehow, when we say Jesus, Lord, God, Holy Father, the worries fly like bats screeching as they scatter.

Is that not so neat?

It doesn't matter that the life you once knew, that "normal" so-called life you once had has shattered. It doesn't mean a thing that you are a worrier by nature, like I used to be. God is bigger, stronger, and more loving than all our worries over our whole life put together.

Ha! Take that Satan!

Imagine just saying someones name and we are free for that moment, until the moments become stretches of time and then we are no longer a worrier. That is our powerful God.

Remember the woman with an issue of blood? All she did was touch the hem of Jesus' garment and she was healed. It's the same, calling upon the name of Abba Father.

No matter what yesterday was like, dear ones, no matter how hard your morning today, breathe God's name and you will be healed of your present worry.

I remember when I was in so much grief and so lonely for my son Joshua, that my prayers often were breathing the Father's name. It's all I could muster, I was so beaten with sorrow.

I am a real weakling, dear readers, so please don't think it's because God gave me a human nature of extra strength. He did not! What I have gained in strength came only after being crushed and broken and that strength I have now is God and Jesus residing in me. That hole in my heart? It grows smaller, because God's love fills the spaces, and now only a tiny hole remains where I get to peek into my future where the saints, Paul, David, Moses, Mary, John, and Luke, have gone. 

God bless you this day! My prayer for us:

Father God, thank you, oh, thank you for being the loving holy Father that You are. You are real. You are ours, if we but ask. You are worthy to be praised! In Jesus' name, I am grateful. Amen.

Until next time . . . breathe His holy name.

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