Monday, December 10, 2012

Psalm 145:3/His Greatness Unsearchable

                                          photo by James D. Williams

David says this: Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.

How was your weekend, my dear readers? Did you relax? Did you work even more around your place to catch up on chores? Did we consider how great is the Lord? Do we know what unsearchable means?

I believe, upon closer consideration, unsearchable means we don't have to search for God's greatness. His greatness is all around.

Look unto the mountains a far off, the rivers and streams at a closer look. Stand in the midst of the forest and look up at the firs, pine, and redwood trees. Turn the corner of a dirt road and see rays of sunshine overflowing, and you see God's greatness.

Look into the eyes of new baby.

God's creation overflows in the kindness of others, like those who took time to listen to me when I spoke of Joshua. The lady at the grocery store, the young repairman that came to my door, and the little granddaughter who said, "It's alright to cry, Nana, for it always makes me feel better when I do."

I see God in his Word, the Bible, I see Him on every single page. I sense Him in my heart. When I call to Him, His Holy Spirit comes to meet me for a personal need or what I should do about a certain thing.

Even though I did not FEEL God in the early months after Joshua died, I KNEW He was there watching. He was looking down on me, me on my knees, or stretched out on the floor, and He watched over me.

Yes, our Lord God is unsearchable. We can see Him everywhere in His creation and His book, and the hymns and songs. You see Him in the faces of those who follow hard after Him. You see Him in the goodness of love in a friend who reaches out to help.

God is unsearchable. Reach back and grab the hand of that friend, and allow them to help you along in the path of your suffering. One day you'll no longer feel like a victim of suffering and loss. One day you'll see in yourself a person who has lived through loss and comes out molded and tried by fire by the God who means for us to be more like Him.

God continues to carry me on my grief journey and that gives me freedoms. It allows me to be creative once again. This came to me the other day about the loss of our Joshua:

Though the hole in our heart grows smaller, it never closes so we may see glimpses of the Great Beyond where tears are wiped from our eyes and joy and peace reside.

Until next time . . . reach out your arms

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