Thursday, January 10, 2013

Psalm 20:7/Some Trust in Chariots

Joshua age five, showing Daddy how he could split wood

Good morning, dear readers,

King David says this:

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

In David's day, chariots and horses were just as important as our vehicles today. I believe what this means is we are not to put our trust in worldly goods, but to always remember the name of Lord God.

When we are shaken to our core with a loss, how much trust we put in goods and how much trust we put in God will be our measuring stick. Another words, where we are spiritually is what we have to draw from in our spiritual bag. I found that true, as I watched myself and others around me after Joshua took his own life.

Some of us did okay. Others did not, and we barely made it through the darkest months. At one point, I was one of those that almost didn't make it. Thank the Lord that all of us in our family are stronger in Christ because of our loss to suicide.

See it doesn't mean we are stuck, or that we can't grow, it means our initial response and the wearing down of the grief over months can take it's toll and we may fall back on relying on goods, like alcohol, drugs, over spending, or any other self-destructive activity.

The things of this world really can fade as scripture teaches. I care less for the desires and strivings I once sought after. The simplest pleasures make me happy. A lone flower in the woods. A stark, rare bird on our elm tree. I relish such joys, because I see God's creation.

Even hanging on too tightly to my remaining children has lessen its grip upon me. I used to fear every ailment they would get after Joshua passed. Everyone must leave this earth some time, I now understand.

I am eagerly awaiting the day I will be with Christ forever in heaven. Until then, I live my life, training myself to be less selfish. What a chore! I'll never attain perfection here on earth, but it keeps me working to be more like Jesus.

As a special treat, I am including my friend's, Cass Wessel, devotion that goes along with my topic today. Click on  Never Far Away to read and enjoy Ms. Wessel's thoughts.

Here is my prayer for us today:

Holy God, we plead with You to help us remember Your name in time of joy and in trouble. Afterward, You send others to share in our joy and give us comfort in time of need. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

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